Nicola and Tom | The Clock Barn

Kicking off the New Year as i mean to go on………….. One of my goals this year is to keep on top of blog posts! So with that in mind we go back to one of the hottest days of Summer, August 25th! Nicola and Tom had a very chilled out wedding at The Clock barn in Tufton Warren, right in the middle of the Hampshire countryside Nr Whitchurch.

I have captured weddings at The Clock Barn on many occasions and they never fail to deliver the most amazing hospitality, the grounds and landscapes are superb and a fabulous playground for wedding photographers. After the ceremony we headed out into the gardens where a super cool band was playing, the sun was shining and the ice cold beer was flowing!

Now, it is always an honour being asked to capture memories of such a special day, and Nicola and Tom’s wedding really stands out as to why having a photographer present on your wedding day is so important. You see, Nicola’s dear Grandfather made a special journey that day to see his beautiful Granddaughter getting married. Unbeknown to me Nicola’s Grandfather was quite poorly, but the Human mind, body and spirit is quite an amazing thing, and he got his wish to be there that day! Shortly after the wedding day i had learned of his passing, a very sad time for the family. I captured some very special moments of Nicola and her Grandfather that day, and  know they will be treasured for ever more!

So i dedicate this to you , Sir, Nicola’s Grandfather,  may you always shine brightly you brilliant man!



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