Becci and Ant | Sheepdrove Organic Farm

This was my second outing to Sheepdrove organic farm in the space of a month, and i love it there! So many cool places for photographs, and their own lake and boathouse!! A dream

Sheepdrove organic farm is located just outside Newbury in the Racehorse capital of the world , Lambourn!

Becci and Ant’s wedding was the earliest ceremony of the year for me, 10:30am,  and i had shot a wedding the day before and i had one the following day too! But it was ok as the “wedding breakfast” the first meal the Bride and Groom take together  was in fact a full english breakfast! How cool is that? it certainly kept me fuelled up until the lamb spit roast was served! Yummy!

You would think a 10:30am ceremony would lead to a long day, but with epic games of Giant Jenga happening (this game should be a legal requirement at every wedding) , a field put aside for welly wanging and the perfect summers day, there was entertainment for everyone!

Becci and Ant’s wedding  has become one of my favourites from 2016!



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