Laura and Andy |Devere Highfield park

Way back in March this year i had the pleasure of photographing Laura and Andy’s wedding day. The bridal preparation started early at Laura’s mothers house, followed by a lovely church service surrounded by friends and family! we then headed over to the beautiful Devere Highfield Park for a stunning reception, we were graced with a simply amazing sunset and then finishing the evening off with a huge firework display!wedding-32 wedding-43 wedding-51 wedding-63 wedding-190 wedding-193 wedding-200 wedding-228 wedding-239 wedding-248 wedding-249 wedding-259 wedding-262 wedding-282 wedding-311 wedding-314 wedding-338 wedding-345 wedding-347 wedding-364 wedding-365 wedding-381 wedding-390 wedding-404 wedding-406 wedding-431 wedding-435 wedding-467 wedding-509 wedding-523 wedding-593 wedding-595 wedding-604 wedding-607 wedding-646 wedding-666 wedding-702 wedding-707 wedding-720 wedding-738 wedding-743 wedding-782 wedding-823 wedding-828 wedding-844 wedding-856 wedding-868 wedding-913 wedding-917 wedding-927 wedding-935 wedding-948 wedding-999 wedding-1002 wedding-1016 wedding-1101 wedding-1118 wedding-1149 wedding-1214 wedding-1251 wedding-1262 wedding-1296 wedding-1340 wedding-1350 wedding-1359 wedding-1378 wedding-1492

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