Dave and Hazel | Manor House Moreton-In-Marsh

A lovely start to the year, back on January 30th I was asked by the most talented photographer Elizabeth Hardwick of “My shooting Stars photography”to be a second photographer for David and Hazel’s Wedding, in the pretty little market town of Moreton-In-Marsh in the Northern Cotswolds!

The Manor house is a charming venue and i really love the warm colour of the Cotswold stone that structures the building! An English and Scottish theme ran through the day and really showed in the details as these two lovely families joined as one!

daveandhazel1 daveandhazel2 daveandhazel3 daveandhazel4 daveandhazel5 daveandhazel6 daveandhazel7 daveandhazel8 daveandhazel9 daveandhazel10 daveandhazel11 copy daveandhazel11daveandhazel12 daveandhazel13 daveandhazel14 daveandhazel15 daveandhazel16 daveandhazel17 daveandhazel18 daveandhazel19 daveandhazel21 daveandhazel22 daveandhazel23 daveandhazel24 daveandhazel25 daveandhazel26 daveandhazel27 daveandhazel28 daveandhazel29 daveandhazel30 daveandhazel31 daveandhazel33 daveandhazel34 daveandhazel36 daveandhazel37 daveandhazel39 daveandhazel40 daveandhazel42 daveandhazel44 daveandhazel45 daveandhazel46 daveandhazel47 daveandhazel49 daveandhazel50 daveandhazel51 daveandhazel52 daveandhazel53 daveandhazel54 daveandhazel55 daveandhazel56 daveandhazel57 daveandhazel59 daveandhazel60 daveandhazel61 daveandhazel64 daveandhazel66 daveandhazel67 daveandhazel68 daveandhazel69 daveandhazel70 daveandhazel71 daveandhazel72 daveandhazel73 daveandhazel74 daveandhazel75 daveandhazel76 daveandhazel77 daveandhazel78 daveandhazel79 daveandhazel81 daveandhazel82 daveandhazel83 daveandhazel85 daveandhazel86 daveandhazel87 daveandhazel88 daveandhazel89 daveandhazel90 daveandhazel91 daveandhazel92 daveandhazel93 daveandhazel94 daveandhazel95 daveandhazel97

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