Vikki and Carl – Pre Wedding Photo Shoot – Virginia Water Surrey

Last Sunday i had the pleasure of meeting up with Vikki and Carl, Oh and Cocoa, their very well behaved chocolate Labrador! I am due to photograph this lovely couples wedding next August at the picturesque Foxhills golf and country club, nestled in 400 acres of landscaped countryside, yes, i am very excited!

We met at Virginia Water in Surrey, the colours on the autumnal trees and beautiful sunlight on this crisp sunday morning was a real treat.

Cocoa even got his own mini phootshoot and enjoyed splashing about in the water!



Photo-32Photo-34Photo-19Photo-3Photo-85 Photo-17Photo-25Photo-38 Photo-40 Photo-42Photo-61 Photo-48Photo-53 Photo-57Photo-50Photo-65 Photo-71Photo-75Photo-74Photo-91Photo-144 Photo-95 Photo-102 Photo-103 Photo-107Photo-109Photo-113 Photo-119 Photo-130Photo-125 Photo-131Photo-142

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